The Traffic Vault Blog is a Liar or Mobile is Huge

You might be getting more traffic from twitter than you think.

If you are using to track your clicks from Twitter, you’ll notice a big difference  compared to Google Analytics.

Here’s an example-

Our Huge List of Twitter Tools and Applications registers well over 1,000 clicks.  This would indicate that  Google Analytics should show a similar number of Page Views.’s Count of Clicks


Now take a look at Google Analytics… It is only counting 585 Page Views.  What happened to the rest of the clicks that counted?

Google Analytics Pageviews


This discrepancy can partly be explained by mobile users whose device does not run the Google Analytics script.  The huge growth in Twitter mobile usage verifies the possibility that a lot of the traffic is truly mobile.

Other contributing factors include: people who have scripts disabled in their browser and those who click off the page so quickly that the script doesn’t load.

If there’s a huge difference in your numbers, it might be mobile.

Food for thought:  How does your website look on mobile devices?!?

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